Lookin' dumb and actin' stupid
My name is Justin and I am a vegetarian. Of course I haven't always been a vegetarian but I knew from a young age that I was destined to be. So a few years ago I took the plunge and never looked back.

For me, at least in the beginning, it was primarily for health reasons and secondly for ethical reasons. Once I began to look into vegetarianism, searching for recipes and reading about it, my priorities quickly changed. The health reasons took a backseat and the ethical reason became much more important to me. Will I ever be a vegan? Probably. I'm just not ready for it yet.

Carlos - The Original VibraPet
I've cooked most of my life, mostly for fun and good food. However, I did cook professionally for about five years back in my younger days. I got away from it for several years and went into insurance. But I found I really missed the feeling of standing in a commercial kitchen with a knife in my hand. Around this same time my wife and I adopted a dog which ended up being three dogs after short period of time. We were determined to feed them well so they'd live to be very old. Our search for good food was a total bust. So after a few years of research and development, we got two dog food recipes tested for nutritional balance, got a licence by the state of California in pet food manufacturing, rented a commercial kitchen and got to work. Here we are five years later full fledged dog food manufacturers. I knew I would be back in the kitchen again someday, just didn't think it would be making dog food! But I am happier than ever doing it. This is our website, if you are interested: www.vibrapet.com.

Even though I cook constantly for the business, I still spend a lot of my free time standing in my kitchen at home trying new recipes I've never done before and creating recipes of my own. Hey, we've gotta eat too!

My idea here on this blog is to create recipes using simple, mostly easy to find ingredients. I want to create recipes that anyone, even non-vegetarians, would eat and not ever miss the meat. I've tried many of the meat substitutes such as seitan and tempeh, the Tofurkeys and fake hot dogs and I gotta say, they are pretty weird. Actually, gross is a better word. So I am going to mainly stay away from those ingredients simply because I don't like them. 

This blog is merely a running chronicle of my journey through the world of vegetarianism. Hopefully you learn something and maybe get a chuckle or two as I post my findings here for your review. Enjoy.